Rad Dad Wednesday V13


Rusty Joiner

"I'm an Actor playing my best role in life as a husband who became a Dad."

Father to Cariss Joiner (21 Months) & Justus Russell Joiner (7 weeks!!)

Where are you from and where do you live now?

Rolled out of Montgomery.. The real LA.. Lower Alabama, now living in Los Angeles with the fam!

How has fatherhood changed you?

Fatherhood has given me a greater appreciation for the miracle of procreation and the perfect human species.. A Godly wife and mother.. You really want to feel Love.. Have a child with the woman of your dreams. I look at both my kids and I see Charity.

What's your favorite thing about being a Dad?

I will never be alone again.. Ever.. My Love tank is overflowing!
My daughter holds my face now and says.. "Eye...." Angel talk for "I Love You"

Describe your style.

I love a casual rugged look.. Something snug and faded..
Can't beat your favorite pair of jeans, a worn in Henley, some faded chucks, and old school gold Rayban aviators... Wife in one hand and a double stroller in the other.. Not giving a flip about what time it is... #Paradise

Has becoming a Dad changed your style? How?

Being a dad just put a little more late in everything we do.. So I been working that trucker hat like crazy..
Yep.. In Cali you can wear a hat to Church..

On a Friday night out, we might find you in _______.

Friday night.. Burger Lounge BRENTWOOD.. 5pm cause daddy gets hungry early.. Kicking my Diesel jeans.. Charcoal Crew neck T.. Hat on backwards cause with two kids the ketchup is flying.. Yea that's chocolate milkshake on my shirt cause I know how to keep my ladies satisfied!!

On a Sunday afternoon, we might find you in _______.

Sunday afternoon I peel off the boss slacks and polo after church and sport the low hanging lulu sweats and a beater.. We hit Stoner Park for playtime then chug down a Virgil's root beer when I fire up the grill cause that's my drink!! #Faded

Where does your fashion inspiration come from?

Fashion inspiration comes from a criss cross of 15 years in LA.. But I take my herald.hill hat off to my boy Beckham.. Yep... That dude got style 365!

Huge props to my boy Spence Hill chasing that dream and killing it!!

Greatness is the man who spends his life helping others to become Great. -RJ

You're doing just that Mr. Joiner. Keep up the GREAT work!








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