Rad Dad Wednesday V5


Joshua Winkler, Director


Millie (19 mos.)

Where are you from and where do you live now?

I was born of a tight little bubble- a shade of pale blue. The pictures tell me that it was a faded time. Lots of tired yellows and grainy orange. I'm from a Southern California where Oranges once laid siege on the county. Though, that is a forgotten time. I think it's because we as a society are obsessed with new car smell. California turned inwards. I love orange juice, but not that much. I moved to New York City where I lived for 10 years, met my wife and had my Millie — who was born at home. Specifically in our Williamsburg apartment.

How has fatherhood changed you?

Practically speaking, fatherhood is sobering. Not so much from the drugs and booze, but yes from that too. It’s more about the responsibility of not fucking my daughter up. There is no being late, working until midnight, or being in bad moods. You are a dad, and you have to always be “on”. I think Tina Fey said being a mother made her less funny. It takes some calibration. The challenge of being a father and a creative is to stay creative. Stay you, without losing your je ne sais quoi. I just realized that makes me sound like a shitty father, I promise I am not. Ha.

What's your favorite part of being a Dad?

Being a father is the most life changing thing you can do. There is so much joy involved. It forced you to change your relationship with just about everything. Time. Your partner. Your job. Meals. I digress. My favorite thing about fatherhood are either Millie’s kisses or when she wakes me up, with her stokage meter brimming at 95%+.

Describe your style.

I’m sort of a mixed bag. I have my heritage wear, which is less about stye and more about quality and function. My heirlooms, things that have been passed down. And then my aspiration — I love the idea of wearing a suit everyday, probably because I have never had to. I mix it all up. My stores are Barneys, Gilt, Opening Ceremony, Freemans Sporting Club and Mohawk General.

Has becoming a Dad changed your style? How?

There is less time to think. Less time to be selfish. Case and point, I was running on Balona Creek the other day, me in my workout outfit, Millie in her B.O.B. We were about 2 miles in when she just started to lose it. She wasn’t into this workout and was quite vocal about it. She wouldn’t stop crying unless I held her. She didn’t seem to mind that I was a sweaty mess. The walk home was a bit defeating. But we went to the park where we played together on the way home.

On a Friday night out, we might find you in ____________.

Selvage jeans, denim shirt, white v neck, Palladium oxfords. Denim hides stains. If it’s dad night we’re downtown or in Ktown.

On a Sunday afternoon, we might find you in ____________.

Anything I can throw on and be comfortable. Usually we hit a farmer's market or a park, so depending on the weather it's a variation of the above mentioned outfit or a pair of twill shorts, a tank top and a fedora or five panel hat.







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