Cary Levine, Founder/CEO of Mopro


Atlas Christopher Levine (14 mos.) Baby Girl Levine (this summer!)

Where are you from and where do you live now?

Originally from Orange County, Ca. I’ve lived in Venice Beach, Brooklyn, NYC, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, and Italy. Currently Calling Laguna Beach, CA HOME.

How has fatherhood changed you?

In all the best ways possible. It makes me appreciate my old man and a lot of the things he did and still does that I never thought about or really understood. Fatherhood is by far the best thing I’ve ever been involved with. Except for the poops. Never thought I’d get so comfortable with poop…

What’s your favorite thing about being a Dad?

It’s cliché but it makes everything clearer. Not only do I get to hang with the coolest little man I know everyday, but I get to experience things through his eyes all over again that I totally take for granted. Ironically having another person in our home that requires so much time has also made me appreciate my wife and value her balance between being a mom and an executive and be totally blown away by how she juggles and can be so present at both. I am very, very grateful — for my family.

Describe your style.

Simple, rough, classic, beach kid

Has becoming a Dad changed your style? How?

Black T-Shirts used to be my thing. I had to suspend black T-Shirts for awhile do to continuos baby boogies and drool being on my shoulder and chest at almost all times.

On a Friday night out, we might find you in ____________.

T-shirt and relaxers chilling. Watching netflix or a movie with the fam… always at the casa. My Friday night through Sunday Night is the time I look forward to the most of the week — it’s unobstructed family time. Family and friends often don’t realize that even though we have our boy everyday, between work and an infants sleep schedule there aren’t that many waking hours you get to spend with them — my weekends are my everything.

On a Sunday afternoon, we might find you in ____________.

You will find me waking up in the usual weekend uniform of (T-Shirts and Relaxers/boardies) walking down to the water from our place on Brooks st with the little man. Usually we’ll stop and pick up coffee at Hiedelberg on PCH in Laguna and make/pick-up breakfast for mom and eat it on our deck in front of our house. If the surf is good Blake comes down from Venice and we take Atlas down to the water and paddle out.

Where does your fashion inspiration come from?

The classics. Steve McQueen, Hemingway, Paul Newman, Redford, Brando, JFK, Gerry Lopez, Biggie, Bill Murray, the usual

Keep up the amazing work Boss. Your passion is contagious to everyone around you and the help your company gives to small businesses like ours is immeasurable. Oh, and we're sure you'll be back in those black tees in 10 years or so. In the meantime, enjoy all those stains and messes, they are a badge of honor!!





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